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Moves: Unbelievably Cool Activity App

iPhone Moves App

Moves: Unbelievably Cool Activity App

Posted on September 24, 2014 at 17:14 PM

Moves moves with you, like a pedometer.

Every step you take is measured—number of steps, calories burned—and it’s all timed. If you’re into cycling or running, the free iPhone Moves app will measure those activities as well. At the end of the day, you get a visual diary of where you’ve been and how you got there. Data can be exported, but I found that feature a bit cumbersome.

Why I love this app: Besides being free, I don’t need to do anything but carry my iPhone with me when I cycle or walk. It can also track up to 60 other activities, but that requires a user to turn an activity, say, gym training, on and then turn it off when the activity is over.

If a user chooses to track one of these 60 activities, the homepage Moves screen will display a colored “bubble” for it, showing calories burned during this designated time frame, which is set by the user. This feature isn’t all that great because it’s just an estimate of the number of calories a person might burn. In other words, it doesn’t really measure anything like it does for walking, cycling and running. All motorized travel is recognized as “transport.”

I think the value is in its simplicity and that you don’t need to turn the app on or off—just carry it with you to measure the activity that it actually tracks. Soon, you begin to develop a feel for what it’s like to take 10,000 steps in one day, for example.

Reviewers dinged the Moves app for its privacy policy and that it drains an iPhone’s battery. I’m not going to obsess and stop using it just because my activity is disclosed to a third party, and I think it does drain my battery down faster, but it’s not objectionable.

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