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Master Core Fitness offers premium state-of-the-science services in personal fitness training, nutrition and health coaching, and corporate wellness. We recalibrate the lives of individuals who desire to remain active, vibrant, and healthy as they transform their lifestyles to enjoy a full range of activities in their later years. Our services empower clients to intelligently make lasting health behavior changes that are essential to lifelong well-being.

Nutrition & Health Counseling

Nutrition & Health Counseling

With Master Core’s Personal Nutrition Consulting, you will receive a one-on-one conversation to help you clarify your nutrition goals, explore problematic behaviors that make change difficult, and begin the process of implementing sustainable, life-changing behaviors to restore your vitality and preserve your health.

Personal Fitness Training

Personal Fitness Training

Whether your health goal is to lose, or sustain, weight, or build strength endurance, the philosophy of Masters Core Fitness keys in on the substantial health benefits of cardiovascular fitness and vertical core strengthening to achieve maximum agility, mobility, and strength.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness Programs

Our hands-on, interactive workshops present the most current nutrition and health information to your organization or group to create a learning mindset to help your executives make informed and intelligent decisions about what and how they eat at meeting, at home, and on the road.

David Birch, Cleveland Park

Why Jayne? She’s rigorous and methodical in her approach, gentle in her steps up to more rigorous activity and capable of advising clients on nutrition and overall health, so her assistance is much more than just an exercise routine. She has the training and the intuitive sense to know how far to take you in your workouts. And she has a pleasant, upbeat personality that keeps things light and fun.

David Birch, Cleveland Park


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Masters Core Fitness
Who We Are

Jayne is an entrepreneur and owner of Masters Core Fitness. She specializes in the health, nutrition and core fitness of men who are entering a new chapter in their lives and want to be more buoyant, more energetic and more engaged with the world.

  • Jayne Powers

Jayne Powers
Author, Syndicated Columnist, and Founder of Masters Core Fitness

Meet Jayne Powers
Founder of Masters Core Fitness

Choosing to improve your health, fitness and nutrition with Jayne Powers, MA, could change your life. Jayne is an entrepreneur and owner of Masters Core Fitness. She specializes in the health, nutrition and core fitness of men who are entering a new chapter in their lives and want to be more buoyant, more energetic and more engaged with the world. Jayne believes that the glow of good health comes from exercising the body, challenging the mind and capitalizing on the science of nutrition. She helps her clients tap into their inner source of motivation to regain their vitality and overall well-being.


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